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Inaction Is A Choice...Your Mission Is In Your Action!

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I choose the possibility of great success with the risk of failure over the promise of mediocrity!

Hello and Welcome,


If you are reading this I can only assume you are ready to be part of the change our nation needs.  Maybe you have a plan, maybe you don't know where to start.  I started JustDefy for the concerned citizen, community activist, visionary business owner, would-be public servant, motivated politician and anyone else who is ready to make a difference through action.  For far too long working Americans have sat on the sidelines while extremists have prepared a plan to deconstruct our nation.  Far too long have conservatives fought among themselves, failed to hold political parties accountable to its constituents, and failed to embrace the change necessary to combat the well-oiled liberal socialist machine.  JustDefy is here to build a united voice, mission, and strategic plan for future generations of Patriots who want to protect our constitution, preserve our republic, and protect our way of life. This plan will be carried out by identifying, supporting, and electing representatives to all levels of government who will embody these values.


I am third-generation Colorado native.  I live in Thornton with my husband, Ben, and my Incredible son, Emiliano.  My great-grandparents came to this country to escape tyranny and many in my family have fought to protect our nation.  I will not hand over that nation on my knees to those who seek to destroy our freedom through economic strangleholds and incrementalism.


I received my undergraduate degree from Regis University where I became solidly entrenched in the practice of service learning and servant leadership. I went on to get my graduate degree from The University of Colorado at Denver.  Throughout my career, I have worked in government and private industry and have owned more than one business.  I have committed to service in many rolls from working as a Red Cross Disaster Services Mental Health Worker to being a pro-bono public speaker and trainer.  I have held the hand of others when they wept, I have written a paycheck knowing it will mean I don't get paid, and I have stood in front of a class of bright-eyed college students to share my knowledge.  My awakening to the consequences of elections and deterioration of our freedom has motivated me to start JustDefy. 


Now as an active member and leader in the Republican party, and Community Engagement Consultant, I am able to help everyday citizen who want to serve their community by running for office.   I work alongside candidates to find their voice and commit to their platform.  I help candidates be the voice of reason in the community and unite citizens behind common issues and goals.


I started JustDefy.Org to shape a brighter future for my son and show him what it means to fight for what you believe in.  He is my rock, freedom is my reason, liberty for Colorado is my focus!  What is your mission?

Cynthia Sarmiento, MA


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