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To achieve community engagement which gives a new voice to the people of Colorado, particularly the next generations. To end over-reaching governmental control and socialism, and instead promote individual liberties, personal accountability, preservation of family values, free enterprise, and economic stability through pivotal operations.  To call the community to action in order to identify, support, and elect political candidates that will vehemently support our mission in all levels of government.


To definitively oppose State and Local politicians and legislation which deteriorates law and order, promotes unjust governmental control over personal liberties and economic growth, or which erodes the free choice of individuals, parents, or families.

To support leaders and legislation which gives parents and families medical and educational freedom and specifically works to recall legislation which subverts conservative values or promotes socialism or progressivism in our schools and educational system.

To oppose superfluous restrictions and economic burdens for business owners and industries that are critical to the Colorado economy and to promote business coalitions, professions, and legislation which will put people to work and promote free enterprise.

To tenaciously promote legislation which gives everyone in the state a voice and stops the overshadowing of extreme liberal counties and districts through the promotion of vetted candidates who will be able to meet the challenges of the ever-changing political landscape and inclusively represent the diverse population of people who support our mission.

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