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A Nation Divided

Do you wake up everyday and wonder how we got to this point? The very things our forefathers warned us about are happening. Benjamin Franklin said, “now that you have your republic let’s see if you can hold on to it.”

It did not happen overnight. Slowly but surely, the United States has been moving toward this so called “new world order” for the last several decades. The indoctrination of our youth has been one of the most damaging things we let happen. They have been brainwashed into thinking that socialism creates an equal playing field for everyone. What a wonderful world it would be if we did not have rich and poor and we had healthcare for everyone!

Our de facto aristocracy also needed something to justify the draconian measures that would be needed to control people and convince them to give up their rights. What better than a pandemic? Manufacturing a virus with the help of a foreign adversary would be just the thing they needed. The pandemic gave them the excuse to take the first step and put an end to socialization, religion, and familial contacts. The second step was to cause a state of panic, indecision, and divisiveness. After that it was easy for the ruling class to convince society to give up their liberty for the false promise of security.

Where do we go from here? Will the U.S. go the way of Venezuela or do we have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and take back our country?

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