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Terms of Use and Code of Conduct
By engaging in member discussions/forums, filling forms, or engaging in live site activities the user (any natural person or representative of any group/organization) agrees to the following: 1. Information provided by the user will be used to contact the user periodically for the purposes of inviting them to events, informing them of group activities, encouraging their participation, and other activities or information related to the mission of (hereafter "organization").  2.  User's personal information which is visible on the site is not protected; the site is a public site and thus you assume the inherent risk and responsibility of active participation on this site or with the organization.  3.  Information provided to the organization will not be sold or intentionally shared with any others, outside of that which is public as referenced in #2.  4.  The user understands and accepts that the organization is a community-based member group of citizens working to provide information and create positive change in the community and thus the user fully understands that the information provided on the site is the opinions of such citizens and is in no way intended to be professional or legal advice.  5.  Engagement in any activities promoted by or sponsored by the organization is done so at the user/participant's own risk.  Although the organization will do everything possible to provide safe and secure events there is inherent risk in community activism or political activities.  The organization, its members, or any affiliates assume no responsibility for any potential risk, harm or damage, (financial, physical, reputational or otherwise) for any participants/users engagement in events, media, or other activities of the organization.  6.  By engaging in the site activities, media events, or events you agree to refrain from any threats or calls for violence, to refrain from offensive, threatening, racially charged, or vulgar language and/or personal attacks against any other member or guest of the organization. 7.  Users understand that their participation in events, on this site, or in any other way in the activities or media of the organization are conditional on their compliance with these terms or use and that their access to events, information, or media may be suspended at any time for any reason as deemed necessary by the organization.  Inquires may be directed to
It is the spirit of this group to help promote the good nature of personal responsibility and accountability, comradery, community support, genuine caring for your fellow man, engagement in civics, servant leadership, and service learning.  If you can agree to those things and support our mission directly we encourage your full participation.
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